Accident prevention, health, environmental protection

Maximum safety and quality – always

For us, the safety principle is paramount. We are continuously working on optimising our QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety & Environment) processes and never compromise on the standards we have set for ourselves. The safety and health of our people as well as the protection of the environment are non-negotiable for us. We strive for continuous improvement. A strict audit and performance plan ensures that our processes are continuously monitored, developed and implemented. Potential hazards within the entire value chain are pro-actively identified and eliminated. Education and training, communication as well as hazard awareness are the cornerstones of our safety and quality culture.


Our services and processes meet the highest quality requirements. Here you can find an overview of our current certifications.

Sustainability Logistics

All ways

Playing in the premier league of logistics means being an example in the care and protection of our environment.

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