Memberships & Participations

Living our responsibility

Our voluntary commitment to social responsibility goes far beyond the mere compliance with laws and regulations. It includes our involvement as an active partner or member in numerous international organisations, programmes and charters. Always with the aim to set valuable impulses for a socially, ecologically, and economically better future.


EPCA is an international non-profit organisation with a mission to bring petrochemical businesspeople together, provide and exchange information and promoting best practice strengthening the understanding of the political, economic, social and tech trends shaping our world and contributing to a smart, resilient, sustainable and inclusive future.


ECTA gathers European land transport companies with the aim to improve the standards of efficiency, safety and quality as well as the environmental and social impact on the transport and logistics of chemical goods in Europe. ECTA speaks for the chemical transport industry to all its stakeholders. In addition, it organises the Responsible Care initiative for the European land transport industry.


The ITCO mission is to promote and represent tank containers as safe, cost-efficient and flexible means of transport and to increase their popularity.

Responsible Care

The voluntary initiative defines CEFIC’s ethical framework for safe chemical and effective performance management.


The Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS) is an audit system of the European Council of Chemical Industry Federations (CEFIC). It is used to assess aspects of quality, safety, health and environmental friendliness, as well as social responsibility in logistics service providers.


The world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, creating a global network of more than 100,000+ rated companies.

Operation Clean Sweep

A voluntary free program aimed at improving awareness, promoting best practices and providing guidance and tools to support companies from the plastics value chain in the implementation of the necessary pellet loss prevention measures.


ShipZero is a technology company on the mission to provide convenient solutions and actionable information to reduce emissions from global freight transport.


Kombiverkehr is a logistics service provider that develops, organises and markets a Europe-wide network for rail-road combined transport.